Moto Lifting Table ALU CMD 350


The ALU CMD 350 is extra light and easy to transport.

Weight: only 75 kg
Dimensions: 2200 x 640 mm
Max. height: 900 mm
Min. height: 175 mm
Operating pressure: 2 – 10 bar
Max. load: 350 kg



The ALU CMD 350 moto lifting table is used for lifting motorbikes and loads not exceeding 350 kg.

The lift works with the help of two scissor brackets that prevent it from tipping over. It has a built-in two-stage airbag, which allows controlled lifting and lowering of the elevator platform. A five-level mechanical safety system against sudden descent is installed. It rises and falls with the help of a valve. The lifting table can be connected to any pneumatic line with 2 to 10 bar operating pressure via a quick coupler. The connection must be made by a qualified person.

Instruction of use: 

The table is stable when raised and locked in security locks. When lowering the lift, first lift it slightly to release the security lock, unlock it and lower the lift to the desired height. Always screw the lift into the ground to prevent it from moving, and the motorcycle must always be attached to the lift when lifting and lowering.

It is forbidden to reach under the device when raising and lowering the lifting table !