Moto Lifting Table H-CMD 700


Robust construction for extra strong stability.

Dimensions: 2200 x 700 mm (with extensions 1200 mm)
Max. height: 1100 mm
Min. height: 175 mm
Operating pressure: 2 – 10 bar
Max. load: 700 kg



The H-CMD 700 moto lifting table is used to lift motors and loads up to 700 kg. It is delivered with a pneumatic-hydraulic foot pedal.
The foot pedal can be connected to any pneumatic line with 2 to 10 bar operating pressure via a quick coupler. The connection must be made by a qualified person.

Extensions for the four-wheeler service are available on request at extra cost.

Instruction of use:
Raise the lifting table to the desired height and lock it on the security locks. When lowering the table, first raise it a little to release the safety mechanism, then be sure to lower it to the floor and thus reset the safety system. The lift does not need to be screwed into the ground due to the strong subframe.

It is forbidden to reach under the device when raising and lowering the lifting table!