Pneumatic Car Jack PF 1500


The PF 1500 is used for a quick and easy tire change.

Max. height: 390 mm
Min. height: 140 mm
Operating pressure: 2 – 10 bar
Max. load: 3500 kg



The PF 1500 pneumatic car jack is used for lifting personal vehicles when changing wheels and repairing and adjusting brakes with a max. load of 3500 kg.

The lift works with the help of a cylindrical insert that prevents overturning. The two-stage airbag allows the lift to be raised and lowered. Two pneumatic valves are attached to the lift for air supply and exhaust, and a safety valve that prevents the use of higher pressure. The lift can be connected to any pneumatic line with 2 to 10 bar operating pressure via a quick coupler. The connection must be made by a qualified person.

Safety advise: The PF 1500 pneumatic car jack is not allowed to be used for repairs under the vehicle!